What's Cooking? Here's our menu:

Dish Description Info
Masala Curry A moderately  hot South African meat/chicken curry.

Tandoori Chicken Marinated roast/grilled chicken from  northern India.

Saucy  Seafood Curry Creole-style fish in a spicy tomato sauce.

Nasi Goreng Indonesian stir-fried rice with chicken/pork & veg.

Bobotie Cape Malay savoury mince bake.

Chilli Con Carne Mexican-style ground beef chilli & beans.

Vindaloo Hot Goan chicken or pork curry.

Balti Chicken Mild and creamy stir-fried curry from Baltistan.

Spiced Lamb Pot Traditional lamb & vegetable stew from the Cape.

Mild Cape Curry Cape Malay mild fruity curry

Biriyani Classic rice/lentil/meat curry of Moghul origin.

Roasted Vegetable Curry Roasted vegetables in a spicy curry sauce.

Venison Pot A spicy game dish with a difference.

Pickled Curried Fish A traditional South African favourite.

Madras Beef Curry
A fiery curry from the south of India

SPICY Goulash A Hungarian speciality stew

Chicken Tikka Chicken kebabs marinated in a curry sauce.